27. nov. 2019
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Today we look at a channel called Shallon Lester who recently posted a video teaching you how to cheat...
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  • Well don gorge

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  • well done George

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  • The video hit 100k likes soooo Welcome memelonus

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  • She’s the type of person to Bully you and then tell The teacher that you hit her she probably eats lemons

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  • Memeulous I'm everything a female wants, also memeulous I'm to clapped

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  • Well done George

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  • there is a male word for mistress, master

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  • Well done george

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  • 1:45 better than the new animal crossing

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  • well done george ;]

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  • That foods shit George

    10k subs with no videos?10k subs with no videos?Pred 6 dnevi

      10k subs with no videos?10k subs with no videos?Pred 6 dnevi
  • 100k I’m George memeulousers

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  • Well done George

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  • Dude she’s actually horrible, she also mocks mental health and is hella racist and homophobic

    The GrexsomeThe GrexsomePred 6 dnevi
    • Dangelo Wallace made a great video on her and how utterly creepy and damning her is

      The GrexsomeThe GrexsomePred 6 dnevi
  • Well done George

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  • Well done George

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  • 10:01

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  • well done on your cooking :)

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  • Well done for cooking

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  • Ace Hardy has either jey or jimmy uso from wwe in there pic also Hardy is the last name of Jeff and matt Hardy also from the wwe

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  • Well done george

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  • Well done George👍

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  • All the dislikes are probably “Shalloners”

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  • Well done big Muscleman George memulous

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  • 1:51 ok Well done George 💯🔥🔥️🔥️🔥

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  • I know it’s a joke but

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  • Well done George looks great

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  • Well done George ✅

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  • Your cooking is nice

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  • Manstrises

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  • A male side chick is called Shallons boyfriend

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  • 1:32 nice heskey tea shirt

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  • Uhhhh there is a male name for mistress, minister. D. U. M. B. A. S. S

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  • M8 i cant be asked

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  • Well done George. I’m proud.

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  • If I see Gordon Ramsey in comments and says your cooking is rubbish I’ll get mad

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  • Well done George!

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  • Ngl those meals look pretty fire I want some of that

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  • Well done, George

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  • Well done, George

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  • 100k likes, where the ‘what’s up George memulousers’?

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  • Female: mistress Male: wgejioewnjqinegokqeof[wefkpoj

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  • 7:02 Guy: so how old are you Girl that looks about 23 and has makeup and is bad: I’m like three Guy: shit you can’t really tell these days Ight I’m out Girl: don’t let the dooor hit you on the way out filthy peasant manist

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  • Innit weird that this is nearly a Yr old feels like yesterday this was released

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  • Memles 😳😳😳

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  • Well done George that food just MMMMM just 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

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  • We had ti watch her vids in school today lol

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  • This girl needs a therapist

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