4. sep. 2020
723 227 Ogledi

Today I reveal to you my height lol
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  • All the dutch people laughing there asses of

    Young KYoung KPred dnevom
  • im 12 and im 4 cm bigger than you holy sket

    MR.Matrix GamingMR.Matrix GamingPred dnevom
  • 7:02 you can see George's eyes through his sun glasses

    MezmerMezmerPred dnevom
  • Dude i’m 12 and 6”

    Star08MCStar08MCPred 2 dnevi
  • Alex was wearing willNEs merch

    Click Bait newsClick Bait newsPred 3 dnevi
  • Yes

    MB36MB36Pred 3 dnevi
  • damn we the same height i'm 12 tho

    JesperJesperPred 3 dnevi
  • I'm 14 and I'm taller LMFAOOOOO

    Sam the wolfie 2Sam the wolfie 2Pred 4 dnevi
  • 169 cm, or 166 cm George is still pretty short

    Wal2D2Wal2D2Pred 5 dnevi
  • Sorry George but... This comment is sponsored by NordVPN

    LilraLilraPred 7 dnevi
  • Hahahaha im 13 and im taller than u

    RickyRickyPred 7 dnevi
  • Ppt man Ppt man Ppt man Ppt man Ppt man

    Ppt ManPpt ManPred 8 dnevi
  • I’m 12 and taller than you

    AxelAxelPred 8 dnevi
  • I’m 11 and I’m 5’5

    X_FIRE _ACX_FIRE _ACPred 9 dnevi
    • who asked?

      Fresh FadeFresh FadePred 8 dnevi
  • short.

    BlitzBradBlitzBradPred 9 dnevi
  • The other dude is the same height just wearing shoes

    Random GuyRandom GuyPred 9 dnevi
  • topgun

    Mark DeDonderMark DeDonderPred 9 dnevi
  • Damn y’all must be real tall over there or something cuz I wouldn’t look twice at a man 5’5 in the U.S. 🤷🏻‍♀️ or maybe that’s just me being normal and not an asshat.

    Ya JackYa JackPred 10 dnevi
  • Great VID LIKE IF YOU agree

    Christina DiChristina DiPred 11 dnevi
  • :O

    Andrew Jesus ArevaloAndrew Jesus ArevaloPred 11 dnevi
  • Hey if it boosts your self confidence You’re still taller than me lmao

    Comic FoxComic FoxPred 12 dnevi
  • Even im gonna be taller then you.. aka like 172 CM

    W҉h҉a҉t҉?҉W҉h҉a҉t҉?҉Pred 12 dnevi
  • A guy in my year 7 class is taller than you I’m sorry man

    minusminusPred 13 dnevi
  • I am 14 years old and am 5'10

    ZionTheVictoriousZionTheVictoriousPred 13 dnevi
    • who asked?

      Fresh FadeFresh FadePred 8 dnevi
  • Man... now u gotta do a voice reveal

    AlphaPlays_607AlphaPlays_607Pred 14 dnevi
  • Sorry man but your shorter than the average women lol boy if I’m wrong blame google boogle sheloogle

    Rocketboom114Rocketboom114Pred 14 dnevi
  • *were getting there people*

    Croatian Slav Named JackCroatian Slav Named JackPred 14 dnevi
  • All the arguing over 3cm of height

    Vegas KonekoVegas KonekoPred 14 dnevi
  • the comment above me mega gay

    Liam Jacob DavidLiam Jacob DavidPred 15 dnevi
  • Your 5'6

    Sky WindexxSky WindexxPred 15 dnevi
  • I didn't get the notification for this can I get a F

    HuMan bEingHuMan bEingPred 15 dnevi
  • Express came with my pc for free

    bud the fishbud the fishPred 16 dnevi
    • Express came and told me that no one asked

      Fresh FadeFresh FadePred 8 dnevi
  • Your one inch taller than me I'm an early teen

    Lidia YeganianLidia YeganianPred 16 dnevi
  • Congratulations memulous your as tall as a 13 year old

    Title TitleTitle TitlePred 16 dnevi
  • (ಠ‿ಠ)

    Snøw1 The Artic foxSnøw1 The Artic foxPred 17 dnevi
  • I'm just as tall as George :000

    ApathEricApathEricPred 17 dnevi
  • well if someone is 5”8 they are actually 4”20

    txzitxziPred 17 dnevi
  • george i regret to inform you that I am in fact 14 years old and taller than you. I am so sorry for this news.

    The Soup DevilThe Soup DevilPred 17 dnevi
  • God tik tok stop making us look more dumb.. Why is it not GONE.

    Chez Is AwewomeeChez Is AwewomeePred 18 dnevi
  • I'm taller than Memeulous

    j gatj gatPred 18 dnevi
  • brhu u as tall as my gf

    Karl JohannesKarl JohannesPred 18 dnevi
  • im -34 and im taller than you my mum hasnt even been born yet

    AftnAftnPred 19 dnevi
  • I’m in year 1 and I’m taller 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Harry WilsonHarry WilsonPred 19 dnevi
  • H

    MB36MB36Pred 19 dnevi
  • 4:55 eyebrow reveal

    Primative NutzPrimative NutzPred 19 dnevi
  • I saw you on omegle!

    Rafif SamiRafif SamiPred 19 dnevi
  • im 12 and im as tall as him lol

    FNX FoxFNX FoxPred 20 dnevi
  • I’m 174 and I’m 12:/

    Dxrk__vibez_Dxrk__vibez_Pred 20 dnevi
  • gidle

    alex coxalex coxPred 20 dnevi
  • Hey memeulous ppl bully me for being short pls help

    Pr0grammedPr0grammedPred 20 dnevi
  • "most kids in the UK are getting black out drunk at that age" the other day in my school some of the students were found passed out drunk in the bush over the weekend hilarious but if people cant responsibly drink, the goverment has to do something.

    Pngnsrck20Pngnsrck20Pred 21 dnevom
    • Oh yes yes we were legally buying litres of ket and cuttings of khat at that age. Britain is shocking sometimes.

      Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodeChilli-Ice Olive-AbodePred 16 dnevi
  • I’m the same fucking hight as this dude best case

    Bathroom SignBathroom SignPred 21 dnevom
  • This man is 1cm taller than me

    BellaBellaPred 21 dnevom
  • The news this week: "famous youtuber George memeulous doesn't care about kids vaping"

    Panda ProductionsPanda ProductionsPred 22 dnevi
  • Oh no, memeulous is taller than me, even if it was 166

    ALonelyLeekALonelyLeekPred 22 dnevi
  • Hahahahaha ur 5ft 6 ahahahahaha

    The Everton ManThe Everton ManPred 22 dnevi
  • Safe to say that I'm the same size as George... And I'm 13 years old 😂

    Corin PatersonCorin PatersonPred 22 dnevi
  • Small man flies into rage

    Jexplatoon 23Jexplatoon 23Pred 22 dnevi
  • he’s 5”4 🥺🥺

    Pudding! !Pudding! !Pred 23 dnevi
  • 5:51 your welcome :)

    Jakes FavesJakes FavesPred 23 dnevi
  • Ur Short

    viktor blomviktor blomPred 23 dnevi
  • I am 12 and i am taller

    kay elstkay elstPred 23 dnevi
  • Imagine being 179cm tall and in your country this is slightly above average

    DarktarettDarktarettPred 23 dnevi
  • How tall is 166 I'm 5,8 and I'm 10

    WysoTrxshyWysoTrxshyPred 23 dnevi
  • "Hahaha who would take a plane to the us just to watch the office" I say as I'm booking my flight to the us to watch the office

    Doomer does MidiDoomer does MidiPred 24 dnevi
  • In Australia we got like 7 year old essays smoking weed and drinking nonstop

    Maxyboy 46Maxyboy 46Pred 24 dnevi
  • The Milly B video years ago was the first every video I watched of memeulous

    FlyingDogeManFlyingDogeManPred 24 dnevi
  • (ಠ_ಠ)

    Erica PerkinsErica PerkinsPred 25 dnevi
  • my tooth fell out whule i was wacthing this lol

    VallyVallyPred 26 dnevi
  • 5,5 btw

    noa baudet-cooknoa baudet-cookPred 26 dnevi
  • 5,5

    Egl reflexEgl reflexPred 26 dnevi
  • It’s ok Harry Potter was 5,5 🙂

    Amelia SmithAmelia SmithPred 26 dnevi
  • erm this was a lmth

    CoreyEXECoreyEXEPred 26 dnevi
  • Your 5’6

    Holly BollyHolly BollyPred 26 dnevi
  • Ngl i really want them to kiss You guys would make an adorable couple

    jaina Borajaina BoraPred 26 dnevi
  • aww you are so smoll...i love it

    tia taratia taraPred 27 dnevi
  • ur taller than me dw x

    Bel BerryBel BerryPred 27 dnevi
  • I'm taller than Memeulous

    DarkyBoode32DarkyBoode32Pred 27 dnevi
  • 7:02

    Obama PranksObama PranksPred 27 dnevi
  • The sexual tension is IMMACULATE

    Claudia CastroClaudia CastroPred 27 dnevi
  • 5’4 is pretty tall for someone who makes content like a five y/o

    Tester account OneTester account OnePred 27 dnevi
    • Your proper hard aren't you mate?

      Sad ChadSad ChadPred 23 dnevi
  • The dropping quality of the vid when talking about slowing down the internet was slick editing

    Paintballman251Paintballman251Pred 27 dnevi
  • This is why British rappers arent resoected with disses, atleast ruin someones reputation with a diss

    TheWolfepup06TheWolfepup06Pred 28 dnevi
  • small gang 🤙🏿🙌🏿

    Ndiripo SimbiNdiripo SimbiPred 28 dnevi
  • I can't use this because I'm a kid

    Kris PetzerKris PetzerPred 28 dnevi
  • 4:56 the government can crack a VPN, plus making something that can hide your data from the government would be illegal.

    The NodgerThe NodgerPred 28 dnevi
  • bruh imagine being short

    NorkNorkPred 28 dnevi
  • "Nothing else happened last month" WHAT ABOUT CHADWICK BOSEMAN PASSING AWAY YOU CHEEKY BLOKE!!!!!?????

    BurgerboyBurgerboyPred 28 dnevi

    siezyheadsiezyheadPred 28 dnevi
  • the video got striked :(

    EastCoastBullyzEastCoastBullyzPred 28 dnevi
  • 5:52 a skip to know memeulous height

    BootlegGamerBootlegGamerPred 28 dnevi
  • Y-y-you finished 6:2 in 1 try!?

    Arlo GauntArlo GauntPred 29 dnevi
  • hi.

    C X T HC X T HPred 29 dnevi
  • (*_*)

  • I’m 2 and 10000ft 5

    master brokumaster brokuPred mesecem
  • i'm 13 and I'm 5'3 c'mon bruh. (my friend who s 14 is 6'2) C'MON BRUH.

    Reed SheaReed SheaPred mesecem
  • Blackpool grime is HUGE in the States

    Lord Auric CurmudgeonLord Auric CurmudgeonPred mesecem
  • If your 5”3 your 4 inches taller than me and I’m 11

    turn down your volieiemturn down your volieiemPred mesecem
    • turn down your volieiem Bruh who gives a shit

      AssumingTrash68AssumingTrash68Pred 11 dnevi
    • @Kanye West FR 😐😂

      α ƒεï†αη šïmpα ƒεï†αη šïmpPred 20 dnevi
    • And?

      Kanye WestKanye WestPred 25 dnevi
  • Wait am i the same height as George 😔

    KSI Beat LoganKSI Beat LoganPred mesecem
  • I'm eighteen and just under five foot. George if you ever want to feel tall, I'm here, it's one of my specialities because my growth was stunted as a child :)

    Felicity GreenwoodFelicity GreenwoodPred mesecem