8. okt. 2020
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The channel hit 1 billion total views and that's really cool
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  • joe mamam hahaha lol

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  • 5 million subs= hair reveal

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  • Joe mama

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  • ... slworlds.info/net/yoLdbNhuj5q7nLQ/video ...

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  • 1 Billion Lets Go

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  • He sounds like he’s gonna cry😂👏

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  • joe momma

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  • Joe mama

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  • Joe mama

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  • Joe mama.

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  • Joe mama

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  • what game is this

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  • Petition for Harry Potter and the chamber of 360’s ______________

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  • Congo

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  • that was intense

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  • New sub:)

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  • Wow, that was some impressive editing at the start there, how much did you pay your editor for that one? A fiver?

    Dirty_Alex_Dirty_Alex_Pred 8 dnevi
  • 1 billion views by joe mamma

    Someone who Watches YouTubeSomeone who Watches YouTubePred 8 dnevi
  • Joe mama ok anyways hey

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  • bro ive been watching for so long its crazy to see how long its been

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  • Subscribe since 2016 man what a long way back

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  • Jo Mamma

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  • Joe Biden

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  • Joe mama so.....

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  • Get in there laddy Billy is a phat mstone

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  • Joe mama

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  • get this video 1 BILLION VIEWS

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  • His time has come...

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  • Joe mama

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  • Joe mama

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  • Bro Memeulous deserves the 1 billion views for sure. This channel is beyond hilarious

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  • Jo mama

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  • joe mama

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  • September 6th... *my birthday! :D*

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  • What is that skating game .

    PCPCPred 13 dnevi
  • Joe mama hahaha lol

    Fishy FishFishy FishPred 13 dnevi
  • Disliked. Came for Memeulous having a rant about Tik Tok. Very disappointed.

    Cillaao Is a cutieCillaao Is a cutiePred 13 dnevi
  • Joe mama

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  • wheres all the bg media highlights!

    Australian MarsupialsAustralian MarsupialsPred 13 dnevi
  • Joe mama

    Dallas KraussDallas KraussPred 13 dnevi
  • Joe mama

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  • Lol didn’t even reach 1m lol

    XOf GamerXOf GamerPred 13 dnevi
  • Joe mama

    It’s BroisoIt’s BroisoPred 13 dnevi
  • The weird thing is that i watched/rewatched some of the videos in this video 😮 Congratulations! 😊❤️

    Chloe GodfreyChloe GodfreyPred 13 dnevi
  • The merch drop is legitimately on the day of my birthday party.

    Rosea 64Rosea 64Pred 13 dnevi
  • jpe mama

    ReaperReaperPred 13 dnevi
  • The most amazing person who appeared on his channel has got to be joshy.

    Thomas MThomas MPred 13 dnevi
  • Joe Mama

    Joe MamaJoe MamaPred 13 dnevi
  • GG

    mega slammega slamPred 13 dnevi
  • joe mama

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  • Joe mama hahahaha lol

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  • What game is he playing?

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  • Congrats George 🎉 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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  • Joe mama, hahaha lol

    Naryan VirdeeNaryan VirdeePred 14 dnevi
  • 4:45 no?

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  • Basically an 8th of the world has watched you... congrats dude

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  • Joe mama

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  • i reached 1000 views today

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  • September 6th is my birthday. When you started your channel it was my 6th birthday

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  • Joe mama

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  • joe mama

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  • Joe mama

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  • Only legends will understand. "Joe Mama"

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  • Jo mamma

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  • So guys we did it, we reached a billion views..

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  • Joe mama

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  • actually i do but because school P.E.

    Austin MaciasAustin MaciasPred 14 dnevi
  • also memelous i dont do what they say for cosmic kids

    Austin MaciasAustin MaciasPred 14 dnevi
  • di video on cosmic kids *its the worst* i just have to watch it at school and its bad

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  • joe mama

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