21. sep. 2020
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Today the boys and I delve into the the delicious recipies from the channel Kay's Cooking
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  • 49k to go

    The Toy Box of RassilonThe Toy Box of RassilonPred 28 minutami
  • Do you think will would've rather chomped on those cigs or one of her meals

    r u s t yr u s t yPred 8 urami
  • Nice recipe!stay connected 👍👍👍

    Food BazaarFood BazaarPred 11 urami
  • this is not ok i literally threw up and I bet my vomit probably would taste better than these kitchen war crimes

    Lukas WassLukas WassPred 11 urami
  • Alex just ruins this video for me Stay aware of the SNAKKKEE

    Liffy44Liffy44Pred 11 urami
  • I think the dog will die if you fed it that “soup”

    Floppy’s altFloppy’s altPred 12 urami
  • I'm a chef and this is well beyond my skill level

    Colin ThielColin ThielPred 12 urami
  • that son is one to adolf

    William cWilliam cPred 13 urami
  • Ebony’s makes fun of cooking Also boys gets angry when son calls cooking bad Lmao

    Mist MaskMist MaskPred dnevom
  • Why does Alex have pink nails I ones had pink nails

    Isaac Brace Year 6Isaac Brace Year 6Pred dnevom
  • Ok I’m subscribed to memeulous and s2w but what is you other twos channels called so I can subscribe please tell me I really want to know

    Kathryn FranceKathryn FrancePred dnevom
  • Gordan Ramsey's been a little quite senses kay came on here

    Kurple GamingKurple GamingPred dnevom
  • This video is what happens when you reach the bottom of the content box

    MattMayhemzMattMayhemzPred dnevom
  • I just want to take her to a cooking class, cause like she’s so nice and deserves it

    Ashtar JokhioAshtar JokhioPred dnevom
  • I felt really bad

    Tika MasalaTika MasalaPred dnevom
  • I've just witnessed the murder of all spaghetti lovers worldwide.

    Jessica AneneJessica AnenePred dnevom
  • its been a month, 150k likes. y'all ready?

    davinadavinaPred 2 dnevi
  • idk if someone has commented this before but i think the spaghetti one should be okay since its basically lasagna but diff

    yami supersleuthyami supersleuthPred 2 dnevi
  • This makes me feel an emotion that has not been discovered yet.

    Liam CourtLiam CourtPred 2 dnevi
  • Ima need them recreating one of these now lmao

    Natalie is FreezingNatalie is FreezingPred 2 dnevi
  • i relate to alex's denial

    MeganMeganPred 2 dnevi
  • That “beef soup”....Is actually beef stew and pasta- it’s actually really good, gravy and pasta together? It’s comfort food- though I don’t suggest boiling it unless you’re making a beef stock from scratch.

    RaymondWolf_ 101RaymondWolf_ 101Pred 2 dnevi
  • Get the vid to 200k likes cmon!!

    Stephen GilchristStephen GilchristPred 3 dnevi
  • go to tobys carvery in the uk the Yorkshires are the size of the plate so the should be classed as the largest

    bluebudgie productionsbluebudgie productionsPred 3 dnevi
  • 12:13 explains how we all feel after watching that

    - trasxy -- trasxy -Pred 3 dnevi
  • Hi welcome to cancer dishes today on the show we will be making something shit

    Ewen MacAskillEwen MacAskillPred 3 dnevi
  • Hahaha a football interview is exactly what her defeat commentary reminds me of 😂 Oh 10:59 WOW!!!!..that f’king *MEAT FOAM* aaargh...why??? No no no

    Surfer RosaSurfer RosaPred 3 dnevi
  • YorkShEaR pudding 😂

    Ashleigh WAshleigh WPred 3 dnevi
  • 10:11 gorilla grip

    Billie LaaBillie LaaPred 3 dnevi
  • Kay needs to make a curry

    DisconnectDisconnectPred 3 dnevi
  • Can you make a part 2 not recreating but just watching more? She's so wholesome

    Casper J LouisCasper J LouisPred 3 dnevi
  • an image has never made me cry before, until I saw Kay try to boil ground beef.

    LouserBadgerLouserBadgerPred 3 dnevi
  • The spaghetti thing looks like something from the chum bucket

    Emaan GEmaan GPred 4 dnevi
  • One of the funniest videos you lit have done 😂😂

    josh summersjosh summersPred 4 dnevi
  • Luckily they haven't hit 200k likes yet that'd genuinly be a disaster

    SplashSplashPred 4 dnevi
  • I feel so bad her she just doesn't know i want to visit them soo bad and show them

    SplashSplashPred 4 dnevi
  • It's a bit cruncheh

    SplashSplashPred 4 dnevi
  • Imagine Gordon Ramsey reacting to this

    Mc StinkersonMc StinkersonPred 4 dnevi
  • I swear I'll make 50k accounts to get this to 200k better be prepared to taste test that "bolognese"

    yoonglebellzyoonglebellzPred 4 dnevi
  • The way he pronounces paella makes me irrationally angry. Arson level angry.

    Thxlia GrxceThxlia GrxcePred 4 dnevi
  • please do part 2

    Mark VoicuMark VoicuPred 4 dnevi
  • I will volunteer to be her new ~respectful~ son

    Murder MallardMurder MallardPred 4 dnevi
  • Gordon Ramsay would go off like a nuke if he saw this

    Thunderstruck LastnameThunderstruck LastnamePred 5 dnevi
    • Gordon from the parallel dimension

      Waanj BeigeWaanj BeigePred 4 dnevi
  • Faking hilarious

    Louis MathewsLouis MathewsPred 5 dnevi
  • i absolutely love kay. she is trying her best.

    SilverSilverPred 5 dnevi
  • What's with this helmet n his painted nails 😂

    Ash CAsh CPred 5 dnevi
  • Gordon ramsay has been real quiet since this dropped

    ZZZZPred 5 dnevi
  • the whole point of paella is the fish!!

    Isaac FishIsaac FishPred 5 dnevi
  • My various faces of disgust and confusion, I have never been so expressive in my life

    Anti-SocialAnti-SocialPred 5 dnevi
  • When you type into SLworlds Kay’s cooking your video is the top video not even hers that’s how atrocious it is

    xd Feliciaxd FeliciaPred 5 dnevi
  • We need the video of you guys recreating these delicious recipes

    Seaweed ReactsSeaweed ReactsPred 5 dnevi
  • Wow not even any credit to penguinz0? I mean it’s not like only he owns the right to react to Kay’s cooking but like bruh she had like only 1000 subs when he found the channel and a day after she had 10k

    ?no ??no ?Pred 5 dnevi
  • How are you friends with Alex he’s such a shit person

    ?no ??no ?Pred 5 dnevi
  • f for james when george stole his joke

    Obed BinghamObed BinghamPred 5 dnevi
  • I want to see you lot eat that beef thing

    The hood PresentsThe hood PresentsPred 5 dnevi
  • This is how they make primary school dinners

    Caesar ZeppeliCaesar ZeppeliPred 6 dnevi
  • the thumbnail of this video has now put me off food forever, i will now get energy from photosynthesis

    Liam ExistsLiam ExistsPred 6 dnevi
  • As an italian the "Spaghetti" is a disgrace for all of italy

    Lemon ReduxLemon ReduxPred 6 dnevi
  • I'd say they would get food poisoning but there's no way that classes as food

    That2 GuyThat2 GuyPred 6 dnevi
  • g̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦr̥ͦ

    sansariotsansariotPred 6 dnevi
  • Please do more of these I'm laying on my bedroom floor crying laughing

    Elle MichaelElle MichaelPred 6 dnevi
  • She should be locked up for the final one! HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE BEEF 🤣

    LordBeef BrothTVLordBeef BrothTVPred 6 dnevi
  • Comment if you were fooled more

    nikki stobbsnikki stobbsPred 6 dnevi
  • They all keep hating on Alex's jam tart because it was bubbling, they don't know that sugar bubbles then it is hot, there was nothing wrong with the jam tart AND it is not unusual to put frozen peas in dishes without thawing them. I know because I am a chef

    Ff EdnhFf EdnhPred 6 dnevi
  • lee: *thumbs up* eboys: not honest, come on be honest also the eboys: that's mean! don't be mean to ur mom!

    Loreli MontagueLoreli MontaguePred 6 dnevi
  • omllllll hahahah

    Yummy WatermelonsYummy WatermelonsPred 6 dnevi
  • Aldente ur teeth

    Dough -x-Dough -x-Pred 6 dnevi
  • We must protect her at all costs.

    Mad KiddaMad KiddaPred 6 dnevi
  • would love to see the nails on george’s girl jeeezus

    kjkjPred 6 dnevi

    Josan The NerdistJosan The NerdistPred 7 dnevi
  • These boys don't cook. That last one wasn't cooked completely wrong. And you can bake pasta, it's called pasta bake, though how she did the spaghetti was a tad bit strange. RECREATE! RECREATE! RECREATE!

    Summer JadeSummer JadePred 7 dnevi
  • Eboys before eboys

    Richard BlanchardRichard BlanchardPred 7 dnevi
  • I love Pakistan I sacrifice my life for pakistan

    SEG 2.0SEG 2.0Pred 7 dnevi
  • Wow this is a strong message no one will have carrot

    SEG 2.0SEG 2.0Pred 7 dnevi
  • As an asian the soggy rice hurts my entire eating system.

    CatGirl NyaCatGirl NyaPred 7 dnevi
  • gordan ramsey=ok Jamie oliver=meh Kay=5 star quality

    Kanha Keighron-CharlesKanha Keighron-CharlesPred 7 dnevi
  • I feel like George would be the sweetest most thoughtful boyfriend, James would be the friend that gives the best hugs and will would be the nicest older brother that we all need but don't deserve. Idk what Alex is

    jaina Borajaina BoraPred 7 dnevi
  • ive watched this twice now and she shoves the fork in so aggressively with a sadistic smile 6:58

    jesus personjesus personPred 7 dnevi
  • I feel bad she a good person but she doesn’t know how to cook it’s her mothers fault

    Play station GamerPlay station GamerPred 7 dnevi
  • "its discharge" had me dying

    Josie KanyokJosie KanyokPred 8 dnevi
  • She paid that guy to compliment the food...

    57C57CPred 8 dnevi
  • Where's PYRO

    Veggietales TomatoVeggietales TomatoPred 8 dnevi
  • It looked like howtobasic

    [Tips fedora][Tips fedora]Pred 8 dnevi
  • anyone else here from JustEd’s video?

    Michael PolistinaMichael PolistinaPred 8 dnevi
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    Billy Bob Boux JomnsBilly Bob Boux JomnsPred 8 dnevi
  • Lol her son Lee has a vlogging channel aswell u have to check that out, he just repeats the same thing every day

    PotatoPotatoPred 8 dnevi
  • Y'all are parenting goals because you complementing on what a "lovely lady" she is/seems as well as the empathy you all expressed when her dish didn't come out very well is parenting goals for sure! Your parents should be so very proud of y'all because young men your age don't often go around speaking of others with such respect and empathy. This "roasting" video is such a spirit lifter so PLEASE KEEP IT UP!! It's an absolutely perfect example to others your age of how to "roast" someone and have fun without being crude & vulgar! GREAT VIDEO!!!!

    what crimewhat crimePred 8 dnevi
  • I’ve got TEARS 😭🤣🤣

    Olivia DunneOlivia DunnePred 8 dnevi
  • no one saying anything about the marks on george’s neck

    notion fan 1notion fan 1Pred 8 dnevi
  • I swear I reckognise Kay

    GodlyGodlyPred 9 dnevi

    BabyKitsuneBabyKitsunePred 9 dnevi
  • iS iT cRuNcHe

    BabyKitsuneBabyKitsunePred 9 dnevi
  • I love this woman with a passion PLEASE make another one 😂💖

    ecshowjumpingecshowjumpingPred 9 dnevi
  • Just Ed did it better mate

    Nabiha KhanNabiha KhanPred 9 dnevi
  • only another 57k likes and we get to see you make

    ChimpF1ChimpF1Pred 9 dnevi
  • The amount of time I gaged 🔽

    demented beandemented beanPred 9 dnevi
  • this is what started covid, not the bat.

    Teagan SmythTeagan SmythPred 9 dnevi

    Kitkat citeeKitkat citeePred 9 dnevi
  • get this foken vid to 200k

    DantowikDantowikPred 9 dnevi
  • Plenty of flavour she put salt in!!

    Lewis AustinLewis AustinPred 9 dnevi