YouTube Has A Massive Problem

19. dec. 2019
736 176 Ogledi

Over the last week or two I've realised SLworlds are demonetizing videos and not telling the creators...
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  • this is the only time yt haven't tortured us for money, this time its the opposite

    Velociraptor AnimationsVelociraptor AnimationsPred 2 meseci
  • I’ve been making videos about this premise before I’ve been trying to bring up them but SLworlds keeps on turning off my comments

    The Shöcker PitThe Shöcker PitPred 2 meseci
  • No one: Comments to real problems: Understanding, would you like a meme?

    DonutsXPDonutsXPPred 4 meseci
  • Who else just fully watches his ads for him?

    KriticalKriticalPred 5 meseci
  • It's jaystation

    Collin LindleyCollin LindleyPred 5 meseci
  • on my main account, my most recent videos have the comments off for no particular reason.

    Heejintime #thankyouElkieHeejintime #thankyouElkiePred 6 meseci
    • will had that a while ago

      Toast is better than breadToast is better than breadPred 6 meseci
  • "SLworlds has a Massive Problem" It has more than one massive problem George. This isn't an accurate title.

    5000 Subs With No Videos?5000 Subs With No Videos?Pred 7 meseci
  • This is jacked

    A ZA ZPred 7 meseci
  • Ok boys he’s revealed he has hair

    Gabriel PerezGabriel PerezPred 7 meseci
  • Opinion: SLworlds should terminate all kids' channels. *Every last one of them.*

    Joe CroweJoe CrowePred 9 meseci
  • Why dont u take off the bandana and glasses off that bandana might smell like ass

    Saint AskatsunaSaint AskatsunaPred 9 meseci
  • 0:18 memeuluouse is bald

    o ko kPred 10 meseci
  • I have a question, can only the creator of the video see the demonetisation/monetisation symbol?

    Just Another Stupid HumanJust Another Stupid HumanPred 10 meseci
    • Thanks 😊

      Just Another Stupid HumanJust Another Stupid HumanPred 6 meseci
    • yes

      Toast is better than breadToast is better than breadPred 6 meseci
  • It's only kids channels

  • Can we appreciate how large George’s chin and mouth must be. Once you see it you will never under it

    Lily BurrellLily BurrellPred 11 meseci
  • Chicken strips

    MuddzMuddzPred 11 meseci
  • lI guess which one is i

    Byron greenByron greenPred 11 meseci
  • 420th video

    BigBrainoBigBrainoPred 11 meseci
  • Could someone hack his account for a day to change the title to ”youtube has a massiv cock”?

    Klamedia StudiosKlamedia StudiosPred letom
  • Is this his first serious video

    Redux GamingRedux GamingPred letom
  • His sunglasses reflect light and it looks like pupils.

    Silly KatSilly KatPred letom
  • It’s happening to me too :(

    Honey the cat FoxHoney the cat FoxPred letom
  • In SLworlds 2020: SLworlds want C.O.P.P.A. In SLworlds 2021: SLworlds Make a *ULTIMATE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES AND EXTREME C.O.P.P.A.* On March 1, 2021: ⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️🔴⬛️ black hole ⬛️⬛️⬛️

    Michael Jeff NunezMichael Jeff NunezPred letom
  • Ur mom

    count dookucount dookuPred letom
  • that's happing tik tok too

    Kenneth o brienKenneth o brienPred letom
  • Help I got a fortnite ad 😧

  • CaNdLe

    Charlotte MundayCharlotte MundayPred letom
  • Aaaaaand, this is why I quit SLworlds

    JDEK ProductionsJDEK ProductionsPred letom
  • I have one thing to say THAS DUMB AF

    Mae B.Mae B.Pred letom
  • Even in serious videos your funny 🤦‍♂️

    Homeless man 62Homeless man 62Pred letom
  • 0:19 are u Bold

    Mother_RussiaMother_RussiaPred letom
  • Can you breathe in that *FRICKEN* Mask???????? NANNNIIIII

    Bonnie The TattletailBonnie The TattletailPred letom
  • Big man memeulous we know you have brown hair ✌️

    Nabi •ᴥ•Nabi •ᴥ•Pred letom
  • I like to imagine that the light that shows on his glasses are his eyes

    Smokestroke18Smokestroke18Pred letom
    • Stolen

      R!OT Clan OfficialR!OT Clan OfficialPred letom
  • 0:19 yo what happened to his hair

    eggy lemoneggy lemonPred letom
    • Idk

      ItsjustshazItsjustshazPred 9 meseci
  • Super Mario Logan had this exact same problem he got forced just to make a new account and upload his videos on their to make money

    Sean RawlinsSean RawlinsPred letom
  • Also the bell

    PandaPandaPred letom
  • I got a Gmail soon about to remove stuff like Comments making a live video? Well no live chat soon

    PandaPandaPred letom
  • Ik this is irrelevant to this video but i would love it if u reacted to a vid I made, it’s about something serious that happened to me. The video is called ‘This is what happened to me’

    Thunder draws ThingsThunder draws ThingsPred letom
  • Yo bro pls don't rob me i don't have money

    Isaiah Nathan NoblezaIsaiah Nathan NoblezaPred letom

    Granny Chapter 2 Let's play'sGranny Chapter 2 Let's play'sPred letom
  • 666k views btw...

    AJAJPred letom
  • The reflection of the light that you can see in his sunglasses are his eyes.

    Moo CowMoo CowPred letom
  • You sound a lot like Kaidos.

    Akash VermaAkash VermaPred letom
  • *SLworlds has a big problem* Oh really i never knew that

    doom guydoom guyPred letom
  • Isn't youtube just a massive problem?

    ice-cold Kremitice-cold KremitPred letom
  • poor memeulous your allways have a kick in the a**

    thomas the tank dankthomas the tank dankPred letom
  • peepoo hahahaaha poopy

    Michelle ObamaMichelle ObamaPred letom
  • This is the first video of yours I've watched because my boyfriend loves your vids and he's right

    autumn Davisautumn DavisPred letom
  • i joined honey @ joinhoney./memeulous

    SkippySkippyPred letom
  • George, you said Momo and I see an advert. Yeah, it's got a problem.

    FarmYard GamingFarmYard GamingPred letom
  • @SLworlds

    xForestFurxxForestFurxPred letom
  • You cant use the word 'Momo' because it's a challenge character that caused children's suicides from doing the challenge.

    marley rochestermarley rochesterPred letom
  • suport

  • nickos camraman

    ethan bowersethan bowersPred letom
  • Georgemason tv

    ethan bowersethan bowersPred letom
  • There was no deep exhale 0/10

    RyderzeespiderRyderzeespiderPred letom
  • Happy New Year

    Tejalkera_Msp loveTejalkera_Msp lovePred letom
  • Please Stop Bein Worried

    HIT Entertainment Fan 2007HIT Entertainment Fan 2007Pred letom
  • You are the prob🍼

    John PayneJohn PaynePred letom
  • What about COPPA?

    Blok VaderBlok VaderPred letom

    ScarfaceScarfacePred letom
  • Category: *Comedy*

    Maya RifaeMaya RifaePred letom
  • We also got COPPA

    {A đead Pencił}{A đead Pencił}Pred letom
  • Is it just me or does the lighting look like his eyes lol

    Handsome Devil From The Leaf _Handsome Devil From The Leaf _Pred letom
  • And he got an add on the end of the video lol

    GreasedGreasedPred letom
  • This is Memulous’s 420th video! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that

    Blu-Tack JasonBlu-Tack JasonPred letom
  • his 420th vid is serious.... gotta take the blaze seriously

    KenzieKenziePred letom
  • Just to be a complete prick it puts an 888 casino add at the end of your video....

    AfricanBumCleanerAfricanBumCleanerPred letom
  • 420ith video in pretty sure

    skullix proskullix proPred letom
  • The ring light in the sunglasses is terrifying

    Cal RawsonCal RawsonPred letom
  • Am i high or is this not memeulous?

    M PezantM PezantPred letom
  • Yeah i noticed no adverts tbh recently. Maybe it's cos ur a man and not a soyboy?

    Jonny D ReevesJonny D ReevesPred letom
  • Coppa is good. Well for me I won't have to deal with constant annoying ads. And midrolls God thanks ftc.

    Luxurious_LemonLuxurious_LemonPred letom
  • Bet they still charged the advertisers.

    Fala KoalaFala KoalaPred letom
  • i got DR best ads

    EmartEmartPred letom
  • 4:32 WTF are those “demonised words”... fucking “around” and “available” wtf

    Ryan KyleRyan KylePred letom
  • is it just me or does george’s lights look like his eyes👂🏻

    Oliver ZajdelOliver ZajdelPred letom
  • Title: youtube has a massive problem Me: no shit Sherlock

    Oscar HydeOscar HydePred letom
  • I’ve had that for about 2 years with my one video I’ve only made £30 for 700k views with no music strikes or anything it’s just a gaming video

    M. CostelloM. CostelloPred letom
  • I have that problem too. They dont give me notifications as soon as a video from someone I'm subscribed to comes out

    insurt usernameinsurt usernamePred letom
  • #teamalex

    Ashley LudlowAshley LudlowPred letom
  • Coppa

    dogewastakendogewastakenPred letom
  • at least we know George has hair

    Yeetus MaximusYeetus MaximusPred letom
  • Discount kwite head ass.

    TWX27TWX27Pred letom
  • “This is video is a bit of a serious one” Category: Comedy

    bodoti qwiubodoti qwiuPred letom
    • bodoti qwiu HA😂

      Henri HarenaHenri HarenaPred letom
  • You're right

    Magic ZestMagic ZestPred letom
  • Spill the tea sis

    bag housebag housePred letom
    • @bodoti qwiu uhh what? You dont know what my room looks like mam

      bag housebag housePred letom
    • Your room looks like a hotel room

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiuPred letom
  • In your newest video, i got an ad, it was not an 888 chief ad

    bumblebeebumblebeePred letom
  • It's either Vescource Michael or Bob ross under that mask.

    English PersonEnglish PersonPred letom
  • I love your vids I'm a huge fan

    Reni OkaReni OkaPred letom
  • Does George have a massive triangle for a chin or a keemstar beard...... Discuss

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuPred letom
  • your mask might be it

    Suzanne OrourkeSuzanne OrourkePred letom
  • Ya think

    No quema CuuuhNo quema CuuuhPred letom
  • It looks like the lights reflecting in his sunglasses are his pupils lol.

    Hazbow TenHazbow TenPred letom
  • At the end I got a IKEA advert is that a good thing or a bad thing

    Lauren_lovexxLauren_lovexxPred letom
  • =you need too revue this terrible psa

    charlescharlesPred letom
  • my immediate thought when i saw the title was, "omfg someobody copied markiplier" then i saw it was george and i thought, "oh its george. love you man."

    Maggie JMaggie JPred letom
  • Oof check my channel and say how my channel SUCKS!!!

    Rhystube 2Rhystube 2Pred letom
  • Mate just look at RubyRube another 10 videos.

    Simonas P.Simonas P.Pred letom